angel’s smile

the angel smiled upon me today…

can’t believe it! it has been more than a year since i last wrote! what happened?  too too many roller coaster rides up till yesterday! i was hoping for a less exciting 2013. will i?  i hope..

looking forward to cny and a really good rest and spending time by the pool!

for now i am just going to enjoy the pistachio chewy cookies hot from my oven…

luv, summer



Pistachio Cookies

190g pistachios (raw, shelled)

100g almond meal

90g caster sugar

1 to 2 egg whites

Icing sugar (for dusting)

1. Lightly toast the pistachios for 5 minutes* in a preheated oven at 160c. Chop the first 90 grams of pistachio finely and the other 100 grams of pistachios roughly.

2. In a bowl place the finely chopped 90g of pistachios, almond meal, sugar and egg whites. Mix well until a paste is formed.

3. Scoop the cookie batter and form into little balls (if you find the batter too sticky add a bit more almond meal to the paste) then roll them in the remaining 100 grams of pistachios.

4. Place then in a baking sheet, around 2 cm apart and bake for 13 minutes at 170°C (fan forced).

5. Dust with icing sugar when cool.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

meet the fortune fat cat…

luv, summer

Ingredients for De-puffed Eyes

after rain remedy…fight aftermath

cold chilled spoon, cream eye mask, miracle essence, face shaper, special tip eye cream. 5 steps to de-puff.

phew! puffiness gone, summer days again :)

luv, summer


i like to buy clothes in 2 pieces if i like the design.

luv, summer


happy calling, exploring, eating….

luv, summer

from a close fren…made my day

need i say more?

luv, summer

Hello! Late but still Good!!

Hello everyone

2012 – A week has since passed it has been so so good so so occupied that explain why i am late :) i’m sure yours have been as good?!

New year, new hopes, new dreams, new promises, new start….i supposed that’s why everyone loves new year. Erase and restart the bad experience, retry to achieve dreams unattained, revamp new plans… exciting!

Resolutions?  I remember me setting some 2 years ago i think i did not achieve them.  But i still believe in resolution like children in fairytales, so again this year is no exception.  The only thing is that my top resolution involves divine intervention, i wonder is it still considered a resolution ha…

Enjoying 2012!

p.s. k mon started the year neat he helped packed the cabinet that i evaded for the  lonest time ;p

luv, summer